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Social Media Brand Style Guide

You want your brand to be reflected throughout social media but you just don’t know where to start. I get to learn the ins and outs of your current brand, and evaluate current social media outlet usage. Together we establish how your brand should look and feel. I collaborate with you on the key foundations that will makeup the elements of your social media platforms:  tone of voice, custom hashtags, mixture of lifestyle and business imagery, specific filters and apps that I personally use. Brand style guide’s usually vary from 5-10 pages.


Social Media Management

Let me get that for you (managing your social media that is). If you find yourself rushing every day to post just about anything for your business, you probably need someone else to manage this part of your business for you. Whether it’s lack of time or you’re simply clueless on how this whole social media thing works, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need me for 3 posts a week or a full week’s post, let’s finally get your social media where you’ve been wanting it to be.



Social Media Templates

Every day on Instagram you double tap those beautiful quote posts. I get to learn about your business and your brand style and create 3-5 custom templates designed specifically for your business to use throughout your posting schedule. Use your custom blank templates to inform your client’s of a new product, share what you believe to be #TheBestQuote, or to simply remind your customer’s of current in-store events. Whether you’re a fitness instructor and need something consistent and uncluttered to post your workout schedule to, or you’re running a holiday promotion just for your Instagram followers, these templates will help to keep your posting schedule informational and feeling like your brand.