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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY

Brow Boutique

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Brow Boutique

Brow Boutique is a South Florida-based beauty boutique specializing in iconic brow artistry. The main focus of BB is brows but their list of services which includes lash extensions, microblading, and body waxing. After 5 years of being in business, Alisa, Owner of Brow Boutique, came to me with a desire to transform BB’s brand to truly reflect the style of the boutique and to show their passion for the ever changing beauty industry. While getting to know the brand more in-depth, Alisa expressed her love for neutrals and the high-end fashion + beauty industry.  We collaborated on a full rebrand which includes a color palette of neutrals only, clean font options, a new main logo, product logo, and social media icons.